Inspiration: Holidays

Do holidays affect your home design preferences?
Might sound like a strange question, but when on holiday recently, it got me thinking about this very thing.
Quite often we go on holiday to escape our everyday, which is different for everyone. So often, we are enamoured by the location we choose to stay at because it's different from our boring routine and the things we have gotten used to on a daily basis. I guess it's the old 'grass is always greener' adage in action.
But if we are looking to design our new home, has somewhere we spent on vacation given us some great ideas that we would love to incorporate in our abode?


This could be the result of a number of factors, but perhaps generally it has something to do with how a location made us feel. Did it make us feel more relaxed? Did it make us feel more cosy or secure? Perhaps it was the excitement of a big city that got us all revved up for action.
All of these things and more can get us in the mood for a new chapter in our life, and if we choose to maintain roots in one place by means of a permanent home, then how can we incorporate some of that feeling we enjoyed while on holiday in our unique design?
Has this been the case for you? It might even be something in the garden that gives you a little sense of getting away from it all.